About us

Reforming the industry
Enflow is a comprehensive and pioneering organization in the field of water and wastewater management and treatment. Through reliable technical studies and the provision of high quality certified products, used in a variety of construction, infrastructure and industry applications, enflow completes integrated projects in a wide range of activities related to water drainage, collection and treatment.
Our flow
Our presence in the domestic market started in 2013, while since 2016 enflow, renewed, has entered dynamically in international markets, defining the quality and innovation standards in its areas of action, focusing on building infrastructure and the surrounding area, in the needs of the industry, road requirements, but also in fully specialized applications, such as those of airports and ports.

Whether it is about aesthetic solutions or about integrated functional installations of systems, the goal of enflow is the real upgrade of both the space and the quality of the daily life of the people who use it.
Our Philosophy
Every upward step of enflow is supported by two fundamental principles: Human resources and the unwavering focus on specialization and innovation. These two principles are the real pillars of development, but also the definition of the quality of our products and services.

The staff of enflow reflects the quality of the services and products offered. Thus, in the first line there is always the specialized and fully trained team of engineers, with real experience, supporting and ensuring the perfect implementation of every big scale or small scale project.

With a focus on innovation, as well as on modern environmental action identities, we always offer the best coverage of highest quality, with an economic identity, durability and absolute response to the real requirements and specialized conditions of each installation project, always according to modern international standards.
A vision
In the course of our business activities, the flow of project implementation, as well as our consistent results, prove the quality and consistency that govern our every action. This is exactly the course that has always aimed to ensure a constantly rising quality of services and products, which optimally meets the modern needs of our customers, in the multifaceted field of water and wastewater management and treatment.

Our establishment in the domestic market and the further increase of our exports have as sole recipient, directly and indirectly, the customer himself, the person. Offering innovative solutions and comprehensive consulting services, within the strictest security and quality frameworks, we aim to ensure and upgrade the real functional, but also aesthetic, value of the spaces where our systems and applications are installed, to the implementation or affirmation of their green identity, but, even more, to upgrade the quality of life. This is enflow's vision, and that is why we continue to reshape data flow in water management.