Stainless steel channels of our company are trusted by the largest food industries, restaurant chains, hotel units etc., because not only do they meet the most recent requirements of hygiene and safety but they also offered at an affordable price. For standard applications stainless steel quality 1.4301 is used, while in case of more demanding applications stainless steel quality 1.4404 according to EN10088 is used.

There are standard dimensions, while recognizing the specific requirements of each application we develop personalized solutions with short delivery time to preserve the completion of the work on time. Stainless steel drainage gutters are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Stainless steel slot channel: Mainly used to receive water when washing floors or at points of separation between wet and dry areas. It is a system that can accept high loads from forklift trucks or other heavy-duty machines since the loading class reaches C250 according to EN1433. Instead of using a grate, the water is received by a longitudinal slot 2cm wide. The system can have a longitudinal integrated slope and is easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel channel with grate: Widespread system with grate in different widths depending on the hydraulic requirements of each space. It is usually used around machines and can follow the layout of the tiles.
  • Stainless steel box type system: This system is a stainless steel "box" with a grate in a variety of dimensions that contributes to the immediate and effective drainage of hard surfaces, in case they take a large volume of water such as from tipping boilers. They have a built-in slope towards the outlet pipe while the cross section of the outlet is usually large enough to be able to receive the amount of water.