Enflow offers prefabricated drainage systems made of polymer concrete, which is a flexible material with excellent properties.

This material makes the channels four times more resistant compared to conventional concrete drainage channels, as it uses polyester resin as a binder. It creates lighter systems and therefore their installation is easier. In addition, the smooth surface of the polymer concrete allows high-velocity drainage, while at the same time the lower roughness coefficient allows higher flows in the same clean cross sections. Polymeric channels have increased resistance to temperature changes, chemical agents, fuels and oils, as well as to the salt used for snow removal from the streets.

The polymer concrete channels comply with the EN 1433 ELOT standard and if combined with the appropriate grate they can guarantee resistance to loads up to 90 tons.

The wide range of resistance starting from loading class A15 and reaching up to F900, but also the many nominal widths and materials of the grates make them ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.

They can be used in simple home applications, such as house entrances, courtyards, basement ramps, garages, swimming pools, to complex applications of high stress and heavy traffic, such as airports, ports, industrial areas, highways, etc.

At enflow you will find a wide variety of different types of polymeric channels combined with a wide range of grates made of galvanized or stainless steel and cast iron.

The product range includes polymeric drainage channels ideal for applications with limited height, such as balconies and terraces, but also reinforced channels with reinforced protection edges on their body to guarantee resistance and endurance in all categories of load.

In particular, in heavy-duty applications, a drainage system that has been used in recent years is a monolithic system in which the channel body and the grate are a single product made entirely of polymer concrete. It is particularly resistant and stable in heavy loads and areas of high stress, in areas where there is a risk of theft of the grate or anywhere else both a reliable and economical system is required.

Another polymer concrete system that is widely used at a European level is the sidewalk kennel with a built-in drainage channel. With only one system both the sidewalk kennel and the drainage system is secured and the use of grates along the road is no longer required.

All polymeric channels dispose of a complete set of components, such as manholes, side connections, open and closed terminals, locks, etc.