We believe that knowledge sharing is fundamental to the proper design and technical management of projects. We follow the latest developments in water drainage and treatment and share our experience with professionals in the industry, ensuring high level know-how sharing.

With a significant presence in the architects and designers field, our team of engineers provides important information in relation to their technologies, materials and required technical specifications.

Our many years of experience and continuous training on the technical characteristics of the materials we represent, makes us a trusted partner, since, through high expertise, we are able to inform about the comparative advantages of each product, through a wide range of proposals and solutions.

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Systems Design, Study & Dimensioning

Each project, both large and small scale, has its own unique needs and requires careful treatment of water, not only for environmental reasons, but also for reasons of hygiene and protection of the structure of the buildings. These critical factors must be taken into account when designing water management and treatment systems.

We have found that during the design process, drainage systems are overlooked or are treated as secondary. This results in incorrect dimensioning of the systems and, consequently, their incorrect operation or the increase in the cost of the project, which leads to compromises in the construction phase.

The enflow design team, consisting of experienced engineers, can help you develop the right and most cost-effective solution, taking into account all the parameters for a project of high standards, with emphasis on quality, aesthetics and functionality. The knowledge and experience of our people, makes us able to plan and study accurately and consistently every project assigned to us, so as to meet its requirements in a simple, efficient manner, within budget.

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Installation - Technical Support

We technically support the materials we supply and we cover the installation at a consultation level, ensuring the correct application of the products, so that there are no failures and deviations from the study and the initial design.

In addition, thanks to our specialized crew, we provide our customers with complete installation solutions. Our engineers and technicians are able to put the equipment into operation, as well as to detect and repair any damage, ensuring the proper operation of the systems.

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Inspection and Maintenance

We work with certified materials, which are manufactured based on durability.

The maintenance and service we provide are carried out with the implementation of a documented maintenance program, always according to the instructions of the manufacturers, ensuring maximum performance of the systems. Maintenance tasks vary, and depend on the type of equipment.

Our team can guide the technical department of your company that performs the periodic inspection of the systems with correct practices, ensuring the systems proper operation and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance work.

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