One of the most important conditions for the proper operation of road bridges is the effective drainage of rainwater. The high standards set for bridge drainage systems aim to ensure the smooth circulation of vehicles, the protection of the construction itself and of the surrounding area.

The drainage of the bridges is achieved mainly with water collection spouts that are elements of the sewage disposal-drainage system of the bridge deck, which receive all the runoff from the bridge and transport it to suitable places below it.

Although water collection manholes are an excellent drainage solution for bridge applications, new innovative construction products applied in recent years in the international market, such as Kerb drainage systems, can be taken into account when designing the sewage disposal-drainage system. Kerbs for bridges are prefabricated boxes usually made of synthetic or cast iron materials that replace part of the bridge pavement, while at the same time their interior is a sewer, which is fed by side openings located along the side which is the sidewalk curb.

Enflow provides you with suitable and fully certified products and accessories, according to the European standards DIN EN 124 and DIN EN 1229, which meet all the requirements related to the effective drainage of rainwater of road bridges, both during the construction phase as well as in cases of renovation.