Flat built-in showers are a modern application with many advantages mainly in terms of the aesthetic enhancement of the bathroom.

When it comes to drainage of water in showers, there is no dilemma with regard to choosing between linear channels and traditional drains. The correct solution is always linear shower channels, as their benefits are numerous and significant.

First of all, they ensure superior performance as drainage is achieved along the length of the system, over a larger surface area, rather than at specific points as with traditional drains. In addition, only a single flooring slope can be provided towards the linear drain to avoid unevenness and defects that can be created by multiple slopes around the perimeter that are required towards a small drain. In the case of channels, the water moves more uniformly towards the drainage points, thus reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring maximum safety. In terms of aesthetics, undoubtedly the use of linear drainage systems can enhance the overall look of the bathroom, creating unified spaces that appear larger without changes in materials, interruptions or obstructions.

For linear shower channels, our company provides countless solutions in terms of materials, dimensions, capacity, and the method of installation. Available options for channel materials include stainless steel as well as plastic as a more cost-effective solution. The wide range of grates in either stainless steel or safety glass offers unlimited design options for the interior of the bathroom, while with the optional addition of concealed lighting, a linear channel can be transformed into a decorative element for the space. In addition, there is always the option of a pre-filled grate for the installation of any type of tile, so that the channel appears fully integrated into the floor.

The systems come in standard lengths starting from 300mm up to 1500 mm, but can also be manufactured according to the requirements of the project. The height of installation can start as low as 54 mm, making them ideal for building renovation projects. The systems are also available with a perimetric vertical or horizontal sealing flange in either stainless steel or plastic for reliable bonding with various types of insulation. They also include a removable odor trap for easy cleaning and access to the pipework. All product lines come with the necessary accessories and fittings required for installation.

Finally, enflow has also developed its own linear shower drain with double-sided grate (architectural finish/stainless steel plate), made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel, adjustable in height and with a rotating plastic siphon to be connected directly to plastic piping.