Appropriate treatment systems must be installed in the professional facilities where wastewater is generated to ensure that the fats, grease and oils of organic origin contained in the waste do not enter the sewage system. Choosing the right grease separator is the most difficult part, as there are several factors to consider when choosing the right system, such as daily meals, entrance supply, kitchen equipment etc.

Due to the different requirements, the need arose for products that are available in different nominal sizes and construction materials, to meet the huge range of different industrial and commercial needs. Especially for industrial applications beyond the classic DAF systems, our range also includes microbubble generators that are more energy efficient and are not affected by pH, temperature or salinity.

Enflow's complete product line includes grease traps as well as underground and floor installation grease collectors, simple or automatic, for any application, that meet international standards. The know-how of the company's engineers and the specialized solutions provided by the technical department, guarantee an impeccable result even in the most demanding applications.