The car wash water recycling system is used to purify water from car washes whether they are automatic or manual.

Waste generated by a car wash is loaded with various pollutants such as solid residues, detergents, oils and hydrocarbons. The following treatment steps must be followed for the correct and safe reuse of water:

Pre-treatment system where solids and oils are separated from water due to the difference in relative density and gravity.

Biological treatment system, consisting of a biofilter and a subsidence tank, for the decomposition of the organic load.

The treated water from the biological treatment can be disposed of in the environment or reused in the vehicle washing process, after passing through a filtration system for its further optimization.

Our company offers systems that can treat water from washing up to 100 cars while the efficiency of the system is:

Solids Hydrocarbons Surfactants
<25mg/lt <0 mg/lt <0,5 mg/lt