In professional kitchens as well as in the food and beverage industries, during the production process, there are several natural and microbial risks, such as contamination of the food produced, slippery floor, clogging of pipes etc. As a result, not only the physical integrity and health of workers are endangered, but also food safety is at risk. The use of appropriate equipment can reduce the direct and indirect costs of accidents and prevent the deterioration of the product.

It is therefore becoming clear that more attention should be paid to sewerage systems and surface drainage systems used in such business premises. In particular, sewerage systems must be adequate for the intended purpose, and designed and installed in such a way that they do not pose a risk to workers' health, cause accidents and, of course, do not constitute sources of food contamination.

Typically, the main areas where the drainage system can be used are food preparation or processing areas, storage areas and disposal areas. Each of the above has its own specificities, but there are some features that are common to all of them. In general, the disposal of liquid waste should be achieved with a sufficient number of channels placed inside and outside the building, the cross-section of which should be such that the manholes never overflow and do not create stagnant sewage. Channels should be covered with grates that do not rust and can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning. The inside of the channels should be easy to clean and corrosion resistant. In cases where unpleasant odours are expected during production, suitable foul air traps should be installed to prevent contamination. Since wastewater channel are a major source of microbial contamination, especially in processing areas, they should be cleaned regularly to keep them clean at all times. For this purpose, it is recommended to clean them frequently, after first removing the protective grate, which must be washed equally well. In addition, the drainage products that will be used in all areas should have a long service life and durability.

At enflow, we have hygienic products, which are manufactured according to the instructions of EHEDG - European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, with their key features being durability, easy cleaning and immediate removal of individual components such as filter, grate etc. so as to facilitate their cleaning or replacement.