Enflow, in collaboration with EPAS, introduces in the Greek market GreaseShield, the best automatic grease separator for installation under the sink with patented technology and 20 international distinctions. It is a grease trap that works in real time, taking advantage of the thermal energy present in the waste to separate the emulsified fats and especially the saturated animal fats before they solidify. GreaseShield, using a pre-filter or an optional automatic solids removal system, removes organic residues that favour anaerobic conditions and cause a strong odour due to biological fermentation. Due to the degradation of the organic load, the BOD, COD, SS and FOG at the outlet are drastically reduced.

Its advantages are summarized below:
· Unique and patented design for the removal of FOGs
· Removal of emulsified animal fat
· Removal of immiscible liquids - vegetable oils
· Reduction of operating costs, since the pumping of fat is not required and the clogging of the sewer network is avoided
· Reduction of use costs, since the purchase of enzymes or biological additives is not required
· User friendly, no staff access is required inside the machine and no odours are emitted
· There is no valve for the outflow of fat and grease that can clog
· Protects the sewer network from organic fat and grease
· Eco-friendly as it uses the lowest energy consumption in its class
· Reduces the carbon footprint
· There is no heating element so there is no risk of fire
· Protects the environment from pollution with oils, fats and grease
· Complies with local regulations of water companies
· Improves corporate social responsibility