At enflow, we understand the importance of proper and immediate flow and we propose linear surface drainage solutions for all types of applications.We offer specialized products both for demanding applications of F900 load category and for applications that aim at the elegant discreet drainage.Especially for areas such as Greece where rainfall is minimal but intense, we have developed our own system of linear surface drainage, which combines impressive runoff rates with a comprehensive architectural result.

Our team, having experience from its work on foreign projects of both infrastructure and modern architectural creations, understands the need for a harmonious combination of drainage systems with their environment.We make sure we provide immediate dimensioning of the systems by combining high rainfall levels with a cost-effective drainage system.

The range of products extends from plastic drainage channels with UV stabilizers for a system that is more efficient and more resistant for climates such as the Greek climate as well as from polymer concrete for a system that is more efficient under heavy stresses. We offer a variety of dimensions and grilles giving great weight to the slit grate for a discreet but also correct drainage result.