Floor drains are the classic way of draining water in the interiors of bathrooms and buildings in general. The main body (lower part) is usually made of plastic while the upper part consists of the grate where the water enters.

Enflow features a wide range of options in drains for bathrooms, covering every possible use case. Choosing the right system depends in each case on many factors, such as the facilities and the installation.

Floor drains are available with a side or vertical outlet with dimensions from 50 to 110 mm. They may be fitted with a stainless-steel ring to secure the waterproofing membrane or reinforcement for cases where waterproofing is required. It is also possible to have three side inlets in case additional fittings need to be connected, and they have a removable odor trap at the outlet, which prevents unpleasant odors from the drains.

Our company features a wide variety of stainless-steel grating designs while the upper part is also of particular interest with a final configuration of 12x12mm or 15x15mm, which is fully integrated into the bathroom floor.
All product lines come with the necessary accessories and fittings required for installation. Enflow bathroom drains ensure safety and hygiene during use and are designed for maximum durability. However, they need to be maintained at regular intervals in order to function properly. Maintenance includes the removal of any debris that may have entered the system and cleaning the surface of the grate.