In the food industry, the processing of starchy foods such as potatoes, cereals, rice, legumes, flour produces liquid waste containing large amounts of starch.

This liquid waste produced from wetting and leaching processes, separation, condensation and from cleaning of floors and equipment in the plant must be properly treated, since the starch is not separated from the wastewater and when it cools down, it creates persistent deposits and blockages in the drain pipes.

Liquid waste containing starch does not contain pathogens and can be easily treated to separate the starch from its aqueous suspensions.
Enflow features a wide range of starch separators for underground and aboveground installation. We offer systems with a solenoid valve for direct spraying from the water supply or with a spray pump that is resupplied with water from the starch trap unit. In addition, double-inlet units are available for simultaneous separation of starch and wastewater contaminated with oils or fats.

Starch separators can be connected directly to starchy food processing machines, such as potato peeling machines.

The systems can optionally be equipped with automation such as starch level alarms, sampling pots, etc.