At enflow recognizing the requirements of a modern bathroom both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, enflow provides high quality linear showerdrains and siphons at the lowest cost possible.The countless choices in dimensions, designs, construction materials, accessories etc. make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from a simple home construction to a complex hotel facility.Proceeding to the aesthetic result, both the linear channels and the siphons can be combined in the same space, since we offer fitting stainless steel or glass grates.An important advantage of ours is the economic series of final configuration drainage systems that can be installed on the final floor, e.g. cement mortar, tile, marble, etc., achieving the same runoff rates as the classic grate.

With a strong emphasis on technical details, our products can work seamlessly with different types of insulation such as membranes or waterproofing, while double drainage can be achieved both at the final floor and at the level of insulation.

We offer low height products that are ideal for building renovations, while we can also provide personalized products depending on the requirements of each application.