Effective rainwater management on urban roads and highways is essential for the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Enflow, understanding the challenges and importance of providing high-performance systems, provides a comprehensive range of specialized water treatment and drainage products, developed specifically to support road construction projects. The solutions proposed for the maximum safety of the modern road infrastructure find application in bridges, tunnels, toll stations, rest areas, etc.

Indicative products that not only increase safety but also protect the environment are:

Κανάλια αποστράγγισης τύπου Monoblock
Monolithic channel and grate system, which can be placed transversely on the road or even in sensitive places where the incidence of grate thefts is increased.

Απορροές γεφυρών
With the HSD systems manufactured based on German standards, double drainage is achieved, both on the road and below it at the level of insulation, ideal for bridges.

Μονάδες Ελέγχου Ρύπανσης
Road construction oil separators according to the EN858 standard in various sizes can be placed both in habitats and protected areas as well as in any part of the road construction where the rainwater ends up in a natural recipient.

Drainage system Kerb type
Heavy rains have been observed in recent years for a short period of time, with the result that the water collection manholes are not sufficient to cover the increased flows; therefore the linear drainage systems are the only way for a proper and safe drainage.