Our company offers a wide variety of water drainage grates made of ductile cast iron. The range of products includes point drainage grates as well as linear drainage grates. There is a wide variety of dimensions and they are designed for simple or heavy duty applications. Loading class extends from A15 to F900 according to EN124. They can have a locking mechanism and usually have a rubber band between the frame and the grate to minimize noise when vehicles pass over them. Additionally, depending on the application (building or road construction), they can be painted or not. The grates that are not painted are more environmentally friendly because they require less energy in their production process, while a "patina" will be created almost immediately which protects the core of the material. Painted grates have a more beautiful aesthetic effect, which is however only temporary, while the slow release of the paint pollutes the environment. According to the European standard EN124, the usual choice in the loading class is the D400, especially in infrastructure projects, because a truck has the same impact as 68,000 cars.

Rainwater grates for linear drainage

Linear surface drain with grates is recommended in cases of large surface drainage or when surface runoff to the drainage system is with limited inclination. They are ideal in areas with a lot of sediments and carried materials, since a longitudinal slope in the concrete gutter below them can be achieved.

Our range of products include grates the width of which can be up to 1m. The grates are ideal in larger drainage systems, since the standard gutters with grate are usually economical for a width of up to 30cm. The range also includes grates with a locking system, ideal for areas with high rates of theft and vandalism, as well as in areas with very intense and violent dynamic loads.

Rainwater grates for point drainage

Rain grates in various dimensions and load classes according to EN124.They can have a lock or a rubber band to minimize noise.