Enflow features GRP (glass reinforced polyester) drainage systems as part of its product range.

Made of durable polyester reinforced with glass fibers, this material provides systems with the advantages of polyester resins with those of glass fibers such as great mechanical strength.

The advantages of the material influence the design, structure, performance and efficiency of the systems and can be summarized as: high chemical resistance and wear resistance, very low weight for easy handling and installation and increased resistance against fluctuations in temperature.
grp kanalia
The above properties result in a very stable, high-quality product whose extremely light weight allows for faster and more cost-effective installation. The durable and smooth inner surface of the channel ensures excellent drainage, even over a long period of time.

GRP channels can be used in simple to complex, heavy duty and high traffic applications (Load Capacity Category up to D400)

They are available in nominal widths of 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm, while low profile flat GRP channels are also available, specifically designed for areas where construction heights are limited, such as car parks.

GPR channels are combined with a wide range of grates, in plastic, galvanized or stainless steel and cast iron. They feature an innovative boltless and tool-free locking system for mounting the grates on the channels.

All channels have a full range of accessories, such as drainage wells, side connectors, open and closed terminals, etc.