Hygiene and safety in industry are critical factors for the proper operation of industrial units and the production of a flawless final product. Enflow, having supplied many of the largest industries in Greece, can offer water treatment systems and air/water filtration systems to food processing companies and industries, as well as drainage solutions based on the principles of the HACCP System.

With extensive experience in the design and supply of stainless steel drainage systems, which include stainless steel pipes, Omega type stainless steel channels, stainless steel channels with heavy-duty grates, etc., we make sure that our products are hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. We ensure that our suppliers are members of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), and strive to be actively involved in the development of future best practice guidelines, helping to raise standards and reduce business risk for the food industry.
Our team provides standardized and customized drainage solutions and is able to help optimize hygiene, such as in a poultry industry concerned about Listeria, a dairy industry that wants to minimize bacterial contamination, or a brewery that needs high runoff rates.
With a range of mechanical equipment that includes reverse osmosis systems, softeners, chlorinators, UV, biological treatment, etc., our company's trained department of engineers, provides comprehensive support to develop the appropriate personalized system required for each application. With the maintenance contracts we undertake, we guarantee the correct and smooth operation of the mechanical equipment.

We work with certified companies that follow the European standards. We make sure that our filters have the maximum possible efficiency and duration, with the least possible pressure drop. The filters are applied in pharmaceutical companies, bottling industries, food industries, hospitals, hotels, vehicle refinishing, etc.

We undertake TFM (Total Filtration Management) maintenance contracts in order to ensure the air quality required for each application. TFM means that, during the contract period, we provide technical support and change filters, so as to guarantee the quality of air required for each application.

Enflow, following the latest trends in environmental management and water treatment, provides its customers with a package of integrated systems that are suitable for use in buildings and their surroundings.

A key priority in building projects is the lifespan of the products and their easy installation, always in combination with an aesthetically complete architectural result. With a robust presence in large hotel complexes, as well as in LEED-certified buildings of high standards, our team is available to guide you, with high aesthetic products and personalized solutions, always ensuring the best value for money.

Our company's products can be used in a number of building infrastructures, such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, museums, hospitals, clinics, logistics centres, public buildings, houses, etc.

The interior of the building requires systems that will facilitate movement within it, will protect its structure, and will provide safety and comfort, while at the same time they should be adapted to the interior design and aesthetics of the entire building.

Our company can supply you with water treatment systems as well as with drainage materials, such as:
  • Shower drains
  • Floor drains
  • Stainless steel gullies and channels
  • Non-return valves
  • Grease separators
  • Softeners
  • Chlorine dioxide generators
The correct design and combination of building materials of the surrounding area can bring out the aesthetics of the building and contribute to the functional improvement of its communal areas. Mechanical equipment and products which are vital for the proper operation and protection of the construction are used around the building. For outdoor areas, our company can offer:
  • Drainage channels
  • Roof drains
  • Rainwater management systems
  • Manhole covers
  • Soil stabilizers
  • Oil separators
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
Effective rainwater management on urban roads and highways is essential for the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Enflow, understanding the challenges and importance of providing high-performance systems, provides a comprehensive range of specialized water treatment and drainage products, developed specifically to support road construction projects. The solutions proposed for the maximum safety of the modern road infrastructure find application in bridges, tunnels, toll stations, rest areas, etc.

Indicative products that not only increase safety but also protect the environment are:

Monolithic channel and grate system, which can be placed transversely on the road or even in sensitive places where the incidence of grate thefts is increased.

With the HSD systems manufactured based on German standards, double drainage is achieved, both on the road and below it at the level of insulation, ideal for bridges.

Road construction oil separators according to the EN858 standard in various sizes can be placed both in habitats and protected areas as well as in any part of the road construction where the rainwater ends up in a natural recipient.

Heavy rains have been observed in recent years for a short period of time, with the result that the water collection manholes are not sufficient to cover the increased flows; therefore the linear drainage systems are the only way for a proper and safe drainage.

Enflow has extensive experience in water drainage and treatment solutions at airports, as it has provided solutions and supplied the Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos", but also regional airports within Greece. Whether it is about simple aesthetic solutions, such as slot grates in public areas, or more complex solutions, such as water and wastewater treatment, enflow engineers provide complete solutions for the supply and installation of equipment.

The company's product range is applicable both inside the airways and buildings, but also in regional technical infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels and terminals.

The airway and aircraft parking space are the most demanding drainage applications, as the loads received by the systems are enormous and reach load class F900, according to the EN1433 standard. Typical airways application products are slot-type drainage channels, which can reduce the load from large surfaces. The water is routed through prefabricated canals to standard EN858 compliant oil separation systems and then through ground filtration systems.

Airport buildings require the treatment of drinking water, therefore, indicatively, the use of softeners or a chlorine dioxide production unit may be required. In addition, due to the existence of many restaurants, an important element is the central fat management with the use of automatic grease separators, which, on the one hand, protects the piping networks from grease deposits and, on the other hand, facilitates the disposal process that becomes simple and odourless. We pay special attention to the drains and the gullies for the bathrooms, since in such infrastructures fire resistance and fire safety must be ensured. Other products that can be used in airport buildings are drainage channels, manholes, roof drains etc.

During the construction of airports, several technical infrastructures are created, such as access roads, bridges, tunnels, terminals. Enflow's product range includes manhole covers, point drains, drainage channels, drainage gutters, which not only ensure maximum safety but also offer an elegant result.