Enflow, following the latest trends in environmental management and water treatment, provides its customers with a package of integrated systems that are suitable for use in buildings and their surroundings.

A key priority in building projects is the lifespan of the products and their easy installation, always in combination with an aesthetically complete architectural result. With a robust presence in large hotel complexes, as well as in LEED-certified buildings of high standards, our team is available to guide you, with high aesthetic products and personalized solutions, always ensuring the best value for money.

Our company's products can be used in a number of building infrastructures, such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, museums, hospitals, clinics, logistics centres, public buildings, houses, etc.

The interior of the building requires systems that will facilitate movement within it, will protect its structure, and will provide safety and comfort, while at the same time they should be adapted to the interior design and aesthetics of the entire building.

Our company can supply you with water treatment systems as well as with drainage materials, such as:
Stainless steel linear channel drains are the modern draining method for bathrooms, since they ensure superior performance. The wide variety of grates makes them ideal for a contemporary architectural design.
Floor drains
Floor drains
The wide variety of designs in stainless steel grating for bathrooms, the different colors of glass grates, or the customization solution for finished flooring will satisfy even the most demanding architectural application.
Stainless steel gullies and channels
Minimizing the risk of workplace injury is paramount in any commercial kitchen facility. It is vital that the facility has a drainage system, which improves hygiene and safety conditions, in accordance with the HACCP system.
Non-return valves
Non-return valves
In the event of heavy rainfall where the drain may be overloaded, the water usually returns to places below the drain. Backflow control ensures that the basements of buildings remain dry. Underground areas in particular can be affected by standing water. This can cause damage to machinery and significantly increase maintenance costs.
In professional kitchens, the use of a grease separator is essential. Our systems are designed to be easy to maintain, reducing the associated cleaning costs and ensuring that odors are minimized during emptying.
In many cases the hardness of the water causes deposits in pipes and it is necessary to treat the water and remove any salts present.
Chlorine dioxide generators
In projects with extensive pipe networks, the need to disinfect water with chlorine dioxide becomes imperative.
The correct design and combination of building materials of the surrounding area can bring out the aesthetics of the building and contribute to the functional improvement of its communal areas. Mechanical equipment and products which are vital for the proper operation and protection of the construction are used around the building. For outdoor areas, our company can offer:
Κανάλια αποστράγγισης
Drainage channels
Drainage channels, as well as the right choice of grating, will not only protect the building from surface water, but can add to the architectural appeal of the structure.
Roof drains
Insulation on roofs is a vital element in protecting a building from moisture, so the corresponding drainage systems must also function together perfectly in order to achieve the proper result.
Rainwater management systems
Water supplies are dwindling, so its proper disposal and reuse is vital. Rainwater can either be used to meet the needs of the building (irrigation, reuse in flush toilets, etc.) or returned to the environment through infiltration and filtering systems.
Καλύμματα φρεατίων
Architectural finish manhole covers contribute to the proper architectural approach to a project.
Oil separators
Allow for the collection of petrol and oil residues that may be found in car parks.
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Wastewater treatment plants are usually located underground near the building, so proper sizing and design will prevent odors or the growth of hazardous micro-organisms.