Enflow in collaboration with the Italian company SAB, offers a wide range of plastic drainage channels.

Drainage channels are made of polypropylene (PP), the most suitable material for the construction of drainage systems thanks to its good mechanical and thermal resistance. In addition, it is extremely resistant to chemical and other atmospheric factors, such as acids, alkalis, salt, oils, fats, gasoline, etc.

Its design and construction material ensure the system's high hydraulic efficiency. The smooth rounded inner surfaces of the channel create higher flow rates which, in combination with the slight roughness of its surface, allow the water to flow easily, creating a "self-cleaning" function, thus avoiding the accumulation of sediments and deposits inside.

Plastic channels are combined with a wide range of grates of different materials and designs. Grates made of plastic, galvanized or stainless steel, malleable cast iron and PRFV are available. In addition, the wide variety of grate designs, including even the discreet slot-type grate, makes the drainage system suitable for any application.

All products are designed and reinforced in order to guarantee resistance and functionality for all load categories and for any requirement, according to the EN 1433 ELOT Standard. This makes them ideal for light traffic roads, highways, parking lots, swimming pools, service areas, cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, hotels, industrial sites, airports, and special facilities.

Plastic drainage systems allow for easy assembly thanks to their innovative features. The variety of their accessories offers great flexibility in the installation, saving time and money. In addition, their advanced construction makes them easy to clean and maintain, increasing their service life.